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Custom-built Solutions for Machine Control
Take your workflow and performance on site to the next level with Leica Geosystems iCONtrol, the latest machine control solutions.
iCONtrol makes it even easier for you to leverage the entire range of intelligent, tailor-made iCON products. iCONtrol solutions communicate seamlessly with the iCONstruct sensors and iCON office to provide you with a smooth workflow and increase your productivity on site.

Expand your possibilities with iCONnect services for remote support, easy data transfer and fleet management services. Whatever you need, Leica iCON has the solution for enhancing your on-site workflow.

The iCONtrol portfolio offers scalable and flexible solutions perfectly tailored to the needs of contractors.
Invest in the solution you need today and have the flexibility to expand your system based on your future needs tomorrow.
Leica iCON excavate 31
2D Excavating solution
Full 2D functionality presented on multicolour panel. Simple and intuitive user interface which provides ease-of-use.
    Leica iCON grade 32
2D Grading solution
Easy monitoring of the blade position. Main function keys for easy operation.
PowerSnap Concept

Unique patented snap-on & snap-off capability. Contact free. Easy upgrade 2D -> 3D. Intelligent storage of machine data.
Leica iCON excavate 41
3D Excavating solution
Full visual guidance of the bucket – see the job as you want. Menu keys give the operator an easy overview of functions.
    Leica iCON grade 42
3D Grading solution
Fully customisable 3D views of your machine and job site. Auto/manual information is presented on the screen.
  iCP41 & iCP42
3D solution
Combines full 2D with full 3D in ONE panel. Toggle between 2D and 3D by a simple touch of a button. Presented on a 7" large graphic colour touch screen.

Benefits of iCONtrol

  • iCON excavate 2D/3D and iCON grade 2D/3D panels fully integrate into the Leica iCON portfolio
  • Consistent user interface on 2D & 3D panels
  • Seamless data communication between iCON office, machines and iCON positioning sensors
  • Featuring unique PowerSnap concept for flexible and quick exchange of panels on your machines
  • Scalable solutions – Upgrade from 2D to 3D as needed
  • Latest technology for maximum performance and productivity
  • 3D panels featuring internal HSPA modem and support WLAN communication
  • Supports Leica iCON Telematics for fast and easy data transfer from office to construction machines, remote operator support and basic fleet management functionality


iCONtrol – The complete solution for all machine control tasks on site

See details of Leica iCONtrol applications

Optimize your investment - choose the right solution for your tasks

2D Excavating solution
Typical excavating applications like trenching, basement and embankments are efficiently guided by a real-time visualisation of bucket position.

  • Profile view of bucket position
  • Direction of excavation - view
  • Cross section view
  • Actual height & offset height
  • Selectable reference method

3D Excavating solution
3D excavator guidance for complex road design projects and site preparation. Empowers the machine operator to have control over their work without relying on others to guide the bucket.

  • Create simple terrain models directly on the screen – get the power of 3D without plans!
  • One-touch switching between 2D& 3D views – see it how you want to!
  • Complex jobs are made simple – construct complex geometries, profiles and grades in a fraction of the normal time
  • Fully integrated "real" 2D functionality

2D Grading solution
Graphical representation of common grading applications such as housing and building pads, sports fields and road maintenance.

  • Direct Grade or Slope Offset Adjustment
  • One-touch access to sensor selection
  • Blade position in real-time, relative to surface

3D Grading solution
Provides functionality for larger projects and applications such as residential and commercial site construction, infrastructure projects and landfill. The addition of SP Technology enhances Dozer performance in the application.

  • Section, profile and 2D/3D view
  • Supports several data formats including DWG/DXF, LandXML
  • Customisable 3D views

Intelligent CONstruction
Customizable positioning solutions and software for construction
Leica iCON excavate iXE2
The most flexible 2D excavator control system
Leica iCON excavate iXE3
Advanced 3D Excavator Control System
Leica iCON grade iGx2
Intelligent Grading Systems
Leica iCON grade iGx3
Intelligent Grading Systems
Leica iCON grade iGW3
Increasing efficiency in earthworks
Leica iCON roller
Achieve more with visualisation of the compaction process
Connect to your site and access relevant information anytime