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Published Articles

Leica Geosystems in the news
Leica Geosystems' products and solutions featured in top construction and surveying publications.


  • Lidar News (May 2015) Bay Bridge Scanning - Learn how Caltrans captured an accurate 3D as-built under a tight timeline. Download article.


  • Digital Imaging Makes Colorado Flood Imagery More Valuable Download Article

    January - March 2013

  • POB (February 2013) Seamless Fit Laser scanning provides the high level of detail needed for precise modeling of a natural gas processing plant expansion. Download Article

  • POB (March 2013) Superstrom Recovery A combination of progressive technology, high standards and excellent service allows a New York firm to thrive despite challenges. Download Article.

July - September 2012

  • Professional Surveyor (Fall 2012) Aerial Mapping Supplement Lidar - Imaging - Photogrammetry Download article

  • Professional Surveyor (August 2012) Actionable Data Differentiates Today’s Surveyors An interview with Ken Mooyman. Download article

April - June 2012

  • POB (June 2012) An Ideal Irrigation Network An integrated, helicopter-based LiDAR and camera system yields stunning density and high-resolution color imagery for better decision-making along the Larimer County Canal. Download Article

  • POB (May 2012) Where the Water Ends The ability to fly at higher altitudes and accurately validate coastal features provides valuable data on complex shorelines with extensive wetlands. Download article

  • POB (April 2012) Energy Rush Demand for Marcellus Shale maps pushes airborne digital imaging beyond traditional limits. Download article

January - March 2012

  • POB (March 2012) Next Stop: A Virtual Jobsite Surveyors combine BIM and imaging total stations to streamline underground construction of a university rail station. Download article
  • American Surveyor (January 2012) Knowledge is Not Enough An interview with Leica Geosystems President Ken Mooyman. Download article

October - December 2011

  • American Surveyor (Dec 2011) Elevated Monitoring Metrorail Team Elevates Innovative Reflectorless Road Surface Monitoring System Download article

  • EIJ (Nov/Dec 2011) Afer the Deluge Fast Image Delivery Helps Nashville Respond to Historic Flooding Download article

  • POB (Nov 2011) Navigaing the Kill Detailed mapping achieved with a combination of GPS and imaging technologies aids in deepening the Kill van Kull. Download article

  • Machine Control Online (Oct 2011) Why Go Stringless? They're hard to quantify, but the little benefits add up quickly. Download article
  • Grading & Excavation(Oct 2011) When Stringless Paving Carries the Day Improved accuracy and savings of labor and materials leads this contractor to stringless concrete paving. Download article

July - September 2011

  • POB (July 2011) Controlling the Bow A state-of-the- art control network keeps an innovative skyscraper plumb in downtown Calgary. Download article

April - June 2011

  • EIJ (May/June 2011) Stay in Control How much control is needed using the ADS80/SH82 digital sensor to achieve geometric accuracies for a 50-scale mapping project with 1-foot contours? That was the question driving a recent mapping project in Burlington, Iowa. Download article

  • POB (June 2011) Preserving Auburn's Roots The scanning project at Toomer’s Corner gave Auburn University students a firsthand look at the benefits of laser scanning technology. Marshall A. McLeod, PLS, LLC, then decided to take it a step further by donating a Leica ScanStation and associated equipment to the Auburn University McWhorter School of Building Science. Download article

January  - March 2011

  • Architectual Products (March 2011) Laser Scanning, Orthophotos and BIM Converge to Facilitate Restoration For the Saenger Theater, 3D Laser Imaging used the Leica HDS 6000 from Leica Geosystems. The firm has since upgraded to Leica ScanStation C10 from Leica Geosystems for its range and functionality. Download article

  • Professional Surveyor Aerial Mapping (February 2011) A Solid Bet  Flying at an average speed of 60 knots and 1500 feet above the Colorado River, the team collected about 250 GB of raw LiDAR data - at 20 points per square meter - and photography of the winding power line from Rifle to Grand Junction. Download article

  • Professional Surveyor (March 2011) Wild Ride - PSM visits the historic headquarters of Leica Geosystems Inc. Download article

  • POB (February 2011) The Power of Light Terrestrial LiDAR technology offers distinct advantages when surveying live electrical substations. Download article

  • American Surveyor (January 2011) Moving Forward 2010 Leica Geosystems HDS Worldwide User Conference Review  Download article

October - December 2010  

  • Professional Surveyor (October 2010) Scanning PDX Finding the right solution to create an as-built BIM of Portland International Airport’s baggage handling facility with the Leica 4500. Download article
  • American Surveyor (November 2010) Hard Work, Miserable Conditions - Suveying Tennessee's Cumberland Trail By bringing together the skills of the past and equipment of ‘right now’, The RLS Group was able to complete a project that will benefit future hikers for generations to come. Download article

  • POB (October 2010) Making Measurement Float Teamwork and technology enable Parametrix to successfully complete a challenging survey on one of the world’s largest floating bridges. Download Article

  July - September 2010

  • POB (September 2010) The Light of Hope Surveyors take part in a mission to build a university and bring hope to the people of west central Africa. Download article
  • American Surveyor (August 2010) Digitzing the Legacy See the exchange that ultimately led to the Leica 6100 being suspended upside down from a specialized rig developed to position the scanner against the presidential faces of Mt. Rushmore. Download article

  • Midwest Contractor (September 2010) Beating the Odds On a $23 million MoDOT highway project. Ideker won the assignment for an eight-mile, four-lane concrete overlay of I-35 between Holt and Kearney, Mo. and has maintained an aggressive 7,000 ft. of paving per day with Leica stringless technology. Download article

  • POB (August 2010) Surveying in 3D Having put the Leica C10 to use, Loy Surveys easily recognized the huge advantages to be gained through the ability to complete highly detailed Rapid 3D surveys in record time. Download article

  • POB (August 2010) Addition Through Extraction Technology plus professionalism plus an extraction boom equals expansion despite tough times in Fort Worth, TX. Download article

  • Professional Surveyor (August 2010) A Winning Partnership Total Tech Surveying Inc. mainly does construction layouts with some legal surveying and pre-engineering surveys added in. They host a reference station within SmartNet, and the firm recently used SmartNet to lay out the sites for 24 wind turbines located in southwest Ontario. Download article 

  • Site Prep (July 2010) Runway Construction Takes Off. In a remote desert area 35 miles southwest of Truth or Consequences, NM, a showcase for space tourism is beginning to take shape. Spaceport America, the world's first purpose-built commercial spaceport, is designed to launch and land specialized aircraftinto suborbital space. Download article

  • Site Prep (July 2010) Network RTK Becomes Necessary Technology for Machine Control Contractors. "As network RTK (realtime kinematic) solutions become inceasingly available, and as the 'uptime' percentage goes over 99% - at least for our SmartNet networks - we're seeing more and more machine control contractors who consider a network subscription to be necessary technology." Download article

  • American Surveyor (July 2010) 3D-Laser Scanning and Surveying Collide  An architectural firm called on LandAir Surveying surveyors to scan downtown Cobb County in the area of a proposed courthouse, create a 3D model and then incorporate the new courthouse design into the model as part of a bidding process. Download article

  • Midwest Contractor (July 2010) Technology Speeds Excavator Work on Channel Project. Anytime you can improve production by 10 to 15 percent you ae cutting costs by an even greater margin. A 3D excavator system is helping the earthmoving subcontractor to boost excavating production by 10 to 15 percent on a channel repair project in Topeka, Kansas. Download article

  • Professional Surveyor (July 2010) One World Trade Center Rises In lower Manhattan, adjacent to the site of the original World Trade Center North Tower, the steel framework of the new One World Trade Center now rises more than 20 stories above the intersection of West and Vesey Streets. When ready for occupancy in 2013, the building, planned to tower a symbolic 1,776 feet above the site of the September 11 attacks, will redefine the iconic New York City skyline. Download article

April - June 2010

  • Pacific Builder & Engineer (June 2010) When Close Won't Cut It To stake the foundation, lay out the columns and generally handle surveying for the building , Hulteng turned to their Builder R200M total station from Leica Geosystems. Using a total station slashed surveying time in half, compared to using an auto level and steel tape, said Eric Hulteng , the contractor’s co-owner. Download article
  • POB (June 2010) Movement on the Sound Geo-Instruments implemented one of the industry’s first automated laser scanning systems using Leica Geosystems technology for near-real-time geotechnical monitoring to support construction of the Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority‘s (Sound Transit) University Link (U-Link) light rail extension in Seattle, WA. Download article

  • POB (June 2010) Time in a Model In a first of its kind effort, the Bureau of Reclamation’s Engineering Services Office in Boulder City, NV, built a detailed, highly accurate, as-built model of Hoover Dam’s 75-year-old Monument Plaza using high-definition surveying technology from Leica Geosystems. Download article

  • American Surveyor (May 2010) Full Steam Ahead The engineers of Sebesta Blomberg & Associates in Roseville, MN, faced a daunting task in documenting existing conditions within the two central boiler plants at North Carolina State University in Raleigh. Download Article

  • Professional Suveyor (April 2010) Opportunities in Machine Control An in-depth look at how two surveyors started a machine control firm reveals an abundance of opportunities in the business, if you can adapt to changing technology. Download article
  • American Surveyor (April 2010) Smart Surveying Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit (SMART) is an overwhelmingly popular rail initiative in Northern California. Planners estimate that the new commuter rail system can be built for about 7.1 million dollars per mile, which compares very favorably to the cost of extending other local systems. Download article

  January - March 2010

  • Professional Surveyor (March 2010) New Workflows Increase Profits While terrestrial laser scanning holds great interest as a technology, its true power comes when that technology combines with new modeling and analysis tools and BIM workflows. Together, they are breathing new life into old infrastructure by modernizing asbuilt information to a current state.Download article

  • POB (March 2010) Capturing the Mighy Mo Laser scans and holograms add a new dimension to the recently refurbished battleship USS Misouri. Download article

  • Site Prep (March 2010) Peering Underwater with Grade Control.  A 2D grade control system helps a Florida contractor to "see" underwater on a canal embankment project.  Download article

  • Professional Surveyor (February 2010) Let the Games Begin With steep mountains and exacting standards, surveying for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games venues in Whistler, British Columbia proved no ordinary job. See how Leica Geosystems equipment aided this seven year project. Download article

  • Professional Surveyor - Aerial Mapping (February 2010) No Confusion Over Data Fusion Using the Leica ALS60 and the Leica RCD105 camera, Earth Eye flew more than 60-square-miles of heavy terrain, acquiring both LiDAR data and multispectral imagery concurrently and fused the datasets together. Download article

  • American Surveyor (February 2010) Surveyors Convert, Connect & Expand With the reference station network providing local control, a Van Harten surveyor has the ability to conduct surveys, stakeouts or other survey tasks quickly and easily using a fully-integrated GPS and total station system. Download article

  • POB (February 2010) Preserving a National Treasure Mantecon is convinced that laser scanning is the future for obtaining topographic data. While PBS&J views its scanning equipment as "just another tool in the toolbox," the firm is increasingly using scanning as a matter of practice because the technology is less intrusive, more costefficient, faster and more comprehensive. Download article

  • American Surveyor (January 2010) Leica HDS - Simplifying the Complicated Despite the expense and complexity that still (for now) applies to scanning equipment, there appears to be no better game in town for quickly gathering and analyzing the data that keeps the world's infrastructure in good shape. Download article

October - December 2009

  • POB (December 2009) Under Pressure Based on the firm’s previous experience with jobs that required hydrosurveying under bridge structures, the crew decided to use a Leica TPS1200 series robotic total station for positioning. “In places where good GPS satellite geometry is nonexistent, the Leica robotic proves to be a very convenient means to a solution,” Robinson says. Download article

  • POB (November 2009) Scanning the Horizon Sunrise used the ScanStation 2 to scan newly installed elements at an oil refinery and color-coded them to create a construction-progress timeline. Christensen acquired six scans totaling 420 million data points, each of which were processed and integrated into a seamless 3D model using Leica Geosystems’ HDS Cyclone software. Download article

July - September 2009    

  • POB (September 2009) The Speed of Integration The potential of the mobile GIS approach is limitless. Continued process improvements will likely yield even more innovative ways to apply traditionally office-based electronic tools out in the field. “Integrated mobile GIS saves time and money and applies survey-grade accuracy to a GIS database,” “It’s the wave of the future.” Download article
  • Grading & Excavating (July/August 2009) Automating Grader Control, Maximizing Efficiency Grading contractor Bernie Schmidtlein recently spent just over $60,000 for an automated grader control system, and he's glad he did. Last spring Schmidtlein used the system on its first project: a 31-acre tract of land that he and the crews of Schmidtlein Excavating graded for a Home Depot warehouse in Topeka, KS. Download article

  • POB (August 2009) Precarious Positioning The Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge is set to reopen as a pedestrian walkway in October-thanks in part to two brave surveyors with high-tech GNSS equipment from Leica Geosystems. Download article
  • POB (August 2009) Reclaiming Efficiency How many surveyors are needed to stay ahead of 75 to 100 construction workers building a $100-million water treatment and reclamation plant addition? New generation surveying equipment is enabling field engineer John Simms to complete all of the work by himself. Download article

  • Professional Suveyor (July 2009) Northern Lights Surveyors rely on the Leica Geosystems reference station in Brampton, as well as those in surrounding communities such as Etobicoke and Milton, to achieve about 98 percent coverage. The Brampton reference station location is also valued by other SmartNet partners, hosts, and subscribers. Download article

  • America Surveyor (July 2009) BIM and Laser Scanning for As-built and Adaptive Reuse Projects:The Opportunity for Surveyors See how laser scanning opens up many doors of opportunity for surveyors, ones that are profitable and very much in demand. Download article

April - June 2009    

  • POB (June 2009) Surveying to New Heights LiDAR technology expands opportunities for a Montana-based surveying firm with the Leica Geosystems ALS Corridor Mapper (CM), Download article
  • POB (April 2009) The Perfect Balance Dynasty choses the Leica ScanStation and HD6000 to scan the Wells Street Bridge in Chicago based on prior successful project experiences, years of internal research and Leica's reputation as  a leader among the scanning manufacturers. Link to article

January - March 2009   

  • Professional Surveyor (March 2009 Aerial Mapping Supplement) Turning Over a New Leaf See how the Leica ADS40 was considered the only sensor that could have delivered on the biggest airborne survey in North America -  Download article
  •  American Surveyor (March 2009) Redefined Dimensions Cianbro surveyors use high definition laser scanning from Leica Geosystems to create measurable 3D digital images that are then used to verify component positional accuracy. Link to article
  • American Surveyor (March 2009) Leica’s HDS Conference Encourages New Scanning Companies  The attendees of Leica’s 6th annual HDS (High Definition Surveying) User Conference didn’t need to be convinced that laser scanning was a viable new technology that would bulk up their bottom line-—in most cases, they’d already had that realization. Link to article
  • GPS World (February 2009) Wireless Delivery of Network RTK Corrections Test results show improvements in the stability of the NRTK service when using fixed-IP SIM cards and a high availability of the service with both types of SIM cards. Link to article

  • Professional Surveyor (March 2009) Front Range Surveyors Unite In Colorado, a new RTK network has taken shape and grown rapidly, seeing many uses. Download article
  • Professional Surveyor (February 2009) High Tech in the Canyon At Hell’s Canyon along the Snake River in Idaho and Oregon, a surveying firm used laser scanning and other methods to survey sand and gravel bars in monitoring the effects of damming the river for power. Download article
  • POB (February 2009) The Business of Scanning See how the Leica ScanStation 2 collects an asbuilt survey of 40,000 feet of runway and associated taxiways at Denver International Airport, including surrounding features such as lights and the asphalt edge. Download article
  • POB (January 2009) Flood Control From the Air See how advances in LiDAR data collection technology from Leica Geosystems, improve flood management in the Red River Basin. Download article
  • POB (January 2009) Capturing New Opportunities The 2008 Leica Geosystems user conference highlights practical applications for advanced data capture technologies. Download article
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