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Leica iCON site

Custom-built Solutions for Site Construction
Leica iCON site offers you smart and customized positioning solutions for site construction and civil engineering applications. It enables you to carry out all positioning related tasks with just one software solution, improving speed, performance and accuracy.
Improving your performance with intelligent software applications, workflow and an innovative software design, iCON site’s intuitive user interface provides you with highest accuracy and flexibility for your construction projects.
  • Easy uniform interface
  Using the same, interchangeable user interface means you only need to learn its functionality once resulting in less training, increased motivation and significantly reducing your investment.
  • Seamless integration with iCONstruct sensors and controllers
  The ability to exchange hardware between on-machine and off-machine use, projects and site personnel maximizes your flexibility and reduces possible downtime.
  • Exceptional application functionality
  The exceptional features and unmatched graphical support within iCON site allow you to carry out specific tasks on site in an easier, straightforward way. Use iCON site for checking dimensions, volumes, positions and the status of key site elements. iCON site allows the user to complete all site related tasks from one measuring device ensuring an effortless process from start to finish.
  • Precise, multi-purpose SmartAntenna
  Developed exclusively for the construction market today, the Leica iCON gps 60 SmartAntenna is tailored towards all construction tasks around the machines on site. It can be used for all postioning jobs on site and entry level machine control, reducing your inventory and operating costs.
  • Complete customizable solution
  iCON site is part of the unique iCONstruct toolbox, providing you with one solution for all your construction tasks across the entire job site. iCONstruct offers you the possibility to extend and customize applications according to your needs.
  • Extendable solution for foremen


Leica iCON site provides foremen with an easy to use software tool to conduct simple stake out tasks, as-built checks or cut & fill measurements themselves, reducing the surveyor's work. This allows foremen to work and manage their jobsite more independently which saves the surveyor valuable time.

Leica iCON Portfolio

  Combine Leica iCON site software with Leica iCON robot 60 robotic total station for following applications:
  • Stake-out of points or lines for street course and crossroads
  • As-built of manholes, pipes, finished road surface
  • 3D Machine control of Graders and Paving Machines
  • Volume determination

  Combine Leica iCON site software with Leica iCON gps 60 SmartAntenna for following applications:
  • Base station set-up on the job site
  • Stake-out of lines and points
  • Cut & fill measurements
  • Volume calcuations
  • Rough and fine grade checking
  • Single grade machine control


Combine Leica iCON site with our new Leica iCON site field solution especially developed for foremen and take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Foremen can work more independently and relieve the surveyor by completing easy tasks themselves to increase productivity and reduce machine downtime
  • Thanks to real-time access of projects Leica iCON site field solution allows foremen to make informed decisions and consequently minimize errors and avoid costly reworks
  • Surveyors never loose control of their jobsite but can delegate certain tasks to the foremen which saves time and increases productivity

  See details of Leica iCON site software applications



  See details of iCON site software applications  

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Leica Geosystems continues to develop products and solutions tailored to our customers needs. As a customer using our technology everyday, we would like to invite you to share your ideas and any challenges you experience out on site.
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Straightforward software design
IntuiNav +
Intuitive icons, traffic light colour codes and wizards for secure decision making. Straightened map via Split Screen and 3D graphics for clear data representation
Status Bar +
Clear status information plus shortcuts to frequently used tools
Info Panel
Clear & immediate data and measure results including user guidance
Tool Bar
Contains most relevant tools and functions tuned per application
Intelligent map controls including Smart Zoom & Auto-Pan. Manage data & graphical contents of map with Point List, File & Layer controls and clever viewing options
Measure Bar +
Selectable measure functions, visual and audio feedback, linked to controller hard key to trigger measurement, auto-switches to app specific task bar

Gain productivity from iCON site

  • Designed for site professionals such as Foreman, Site Supervisor, Grade Checker, Machine Operators etc., who specifically need to efficiently perform measurement tasks on site
  • Easy-to-use, measurement tasks are done independently and immediately without interruptions
  • Take the guesswork out of your project, for quicker and more accurate invoicing
  • Increase uptime of the machines by keeping them up-to-date and productive
  • Innovative design and workflows
  • Intuitive interface for unmatched user experience
  • Reduce to the main functionality for straightforward and result driven workflows
  • Reduce unnecessary gimmicks and keep user interface clean.
  • Familiarise with the product faster, starting with one or two applications and grow with your experience
  • Traffic light warning system for each stake-out point
  • Connects to Leica Geosystems trusted and accurate positioning sensors


Increase efficiency and quality of work on site with Leica iCON site field

  • Real-time project information and statistics in the field
  • Update site personnel with new design files and work orders
  • Minimize errors and avoid costly rework
  • Increase machine utilization and save fuel costs by doing the job right the first time
  • Calculate the exact volume of excavated dirt or fill materials needed to optimize material savings
  • Conduct simple site measurements and calibrations without waiting for a surveyor to do the work – reducing machine downtime and increasing productivity
  • Navigate to points of interest, such as control points or site boundaries


  See details of iCON site software applications  


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