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Leica Viva TS15

PinPoint - distance measurement without prism
Marks the point precisely - Measures directly
PinPoint is the ideal tool for measuring to wall corners, inaccessible objects, facades, rock faces, roofs and walls inside buildings, in fact to anything at which it is difficult to set up a reflector.
PinPoint’s tightly bundled laser marks the point exactly with a small red dot. Measurements are taken instantly and directly (no complex routines measurement).
And with PinPoint you can also take very long distance measurements to prisms.
  • All Leica Viva TPS
  • Three versions: short range R30 (max. 30 m), standard range R400 (more than 400m),
    superior range R1000 (more than 1000m)
  • Very small laser spot,marks the point exactly
  • Standard measurement and tracking modes
  • Accuracy as high as 2 mm depending on measuring mode,range and target surface
  • Motorized Leica Viva TPS with PinPoint – the perfect tool for grid scanning of plane surfaces
    (e.g. facades), irregular surfaces (e.g. stockpiles), and measuring profiles and cross-sections