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Leica Viva GS12

SmartCheck 70 km GNSS RTK
RTK is faster, more accurate and more reliable than ever before. SmartCheck processes all available GNSS measurements simultaneously for centimeter-accuracy, 20Hz RTK at up to 70 km.
The SmartCheck algorithms process all available signals and deliver fast and accurate RTK. Centimeter accuracy positions are available continuously at rates of up to 20 Hz. Integrity monitoring runs in the background resolving the ambiguities and verifying the coordinates. Reliability is phenomenal – 99.99 % for baselines up to 70 km – and the range is outstanding.
Whatever the work, whether the receiver is on a pole or vehicle, you’ll find Leica GNSS RTK to be the perfect tool:
  • Initializes within seconds
  • Measures amongst trees and obstructions
  • Position updates every 0.05 second (20 Hz)
  • Latency less than 0.03 second
  • Consistent cm-accuracy
  • Total reliability
Leica GNSS a real plus when you think on speed, accuracy and reliability.