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Leica GRX1200+ Series

High Performance GNSS Reference Receivers
The Leica GRX1200+ Series, part of Leica’s new System 1200, is designed specifically for use at reference stations. With these new receivers, GNSS reference stations become more accurate, more powerful, more versatile and more reliable than ever before, yet they are easier to set up and operate.

SmartTrack+ Best GNSS and RTK technology
The Leica GRX1200+ Series incorporates an ultra precise GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite  System) measurement engine that supports GPS L5, GLONASS, Galileo and Compass.

  • Acquisition within seconds
  • Excellent signal strength
  • Reliable tracking to low elevations
  • Phase and code multipath suppression
  • High precision code and phase measurements up to 20 Hz
  • High reliability and robustness
  • Low power consumption

The Leica GRX1200+ Series delivers uncorrelated data of the highest quality under all conditions making them ideal for all reference station applications. Since the GRX1200+ Series is able to track the new multi-frequency signals from modernized GPS (including L5 and L2C), GLONASS and Galileo, your investment is secure.

RTK and DGPS output
The Leica GRX1200+ Series provides all the information required for precise surveying with all types of RTK and GIS rovers. They output RTK and DGPS data for transmission from the site by radio or GPRS/GSM phone, or for distribution from a control center by radio, phone or Internet. RTCM versions 2.x and 3.x, Leica and Leica 4G (including GPS L5, GLONASS and Galieleo data), CMR and CMR+ formats are supported.
The GRX1200+ Series receivers can carry out many operations simultaneously. Data files can be downloaded while the receiver continues to track and log data and while it is streaming raw data and transmitting RTK, DGPS or BINEX data. The GRX1200+ Series are true multi-tasking receivers.

Web interface
Use a web browser to securely and conveniently monitor and control your GRX1200+ series receiver from any computer connected to the same network or the Internet. Have the receiver push raw data or RINEX files to your FTP site for distribution to users, get notified by the onboard SMTP server in case of important system events or configure data to be streamed to an NTRIP caster. The GRX1200+ web interface provides highest flexibility, yet uses the latest web security technologies.
Click here for an example.

Simple and robust data management
Removable and robust industrial grade CompactFlash cards up to 1 GB are used for logging data, where 1 GB is sufficient for about 7 weeks of 1 Hz L1+L2 GPS data.  There is no need for power consuming external memory storage, which typically cannot fulfill the tough environmental conditions to which reference stations can be exposed. The memory can be split into primary and ring buffer files for logging at different rates and in files of any length. Files can be logged in raw data and/or RINEX format. File zipping allows to store even more data on the CF card.

Built-in FTP services
The GRX1200+ series receivers have a built-in FTP server, allowing simple and quick manual or automatic download of data. Or use the FTP Push, a fully automatic upload of data from the receiver to a remote FTP server.


  • High accuracy data
  • Tracking up to 20Hz
  • Low power consumption
  • Removable memory
  • Simple configuration
  • Web enabled

GNSS Modernization
GPS and GLONASS are continually improving and the European Galileo and Chinese Compass systems are emerging to provide additional benefits for world-wide users. With the GRX1200+ receivers all new GNSS systems are supported.

GPS L5 is the new third GPS frequency. Through higher power emission GPS L5 offers easy and fast signal acquisition and tracking. Advanced signal modulation schemes improve multipath rejection performance. GRX1200+ receivers will track this new signal from day one.

Galileo will add another 30 satellites to the GPS and GLONASS constellation. This will provide an average of 20 satellites in view 24/7 and will further improve speed and accuracy. Leica Geosystems is the first to offer full upgrade path to the most modern and accurate Galileo AltBOC signal.

Leica SmartRTK: Always in focus
Users of GNSS Reference Station Networks expect their results to be consistent throughout the complete Network, but often they’re unaware that virtually computed Reference Stations compromise consistency. Only with Leica Geosystems ingenious SmartRTK can you be sure that you are getting the best performance of your complete GNSS system. Even the new RTCM 3.1 International standard now includes correction data designed by Leica Geosystems to ensure that the results are consistent and traceable anywhere in the network. And the new atmospheric decorrelator technology provides precise positioning in all networks regardless of the correction data.


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New with v7.00

  • GPS L5, Glonass and Galileo tracking
  • L2C and L2P tracked simultaneously
  • Onboard MDB zipping
  • Improved Client/Server handling for data streaming over IP connection
  • Extended SBAS implementation
  • Support of CF cards with up to 8GB

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