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Leica GPS900

Big ambitions on a budget
The new Leica GPS900 uses Leica Geosystems’ proven GPS technology. Consisting of a Leica RX900c Color Controller and a Leica ATX900 GG GNSS Antenna the all-on-the-pole GPS900 RTK rover is ideal for one-person stakeout and topographic tasks.
With its flexible, easy-to-use onboard software,  Leica GPS900 is the ideal solution for a wide range of jobs including foundation and drainage work, alignment stakeout, topographic and as-built surveys. For the one-man-team, Leica GPS900 is easy to setup and use.

Control/Reference Line

Stakeout and measure relative to lines and arcs. Enter offsets and heights. Control/Reference lines can be defined using the map-view. Set checks for quality control. Ideal for buildings, drainage, foundations etc.


Stakeout points and digital terrain models (DTMs) with the stakeout program. Navigate directly using the map-view or using the large bull’s-eye.
Topographic Survey

Record points with or without code and attribute information. Set criteria and measure points automatically. View the survey in the large, graphical map-view display. Use the Survey program for detail, topo, title surveys etc.
Stakeout relative to a 3D alignment using the RoadRunner option. Points can be staked out at any chainage (stationing) and offset. Work with any combination of geometric elements.

The Leica GPS900 is easy to use. The GPS900 rover is lightweight and optimised to reduce operator fatigue. The icon-based, graphical onboard software can be easily operated using the ¼ VGA touchscreen. Import and export functionality allows the instrument to be compatible with Leica TPS400, Leica TPS800 and System 1200 TPS and GPS.

GNSS Technology
Now with an ultra-precise GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) measurement engine that supports both GPS and GLONASS - benefit from up to 100 % more satellites than GPS only.


Leica SmartRTK: Always in focus
Users of GNSS Reference Station Networks expect their results to be consistent throughout the com-plete Network, but often they’re unaware that virtually computed Reference Stations compromise con-sistency. Only with Leica Geosystems ingenious SmartRTK can you be sure that you’re getting the best performance of your complete GNSS system. Even the new RTCM 3.1 International standard now includes correction data designed by Leica Geosystems to ensure that the results are consistent and traceable anywhere in the network. And the new atmospheric decorrelator technology provides precise positioning in all Networks regardless of the correction data.

Does your crew speak different languages? Ours does!
The Leica GPS900 is the only instrument of its class with multiple languages onboard. This allows the user to choose the preferred language.


With “Direct.dxf” functionality, data can be read directly from the instrument in dxf-format and read into AutoCAD® on a PC without any intermediate steps. Coordinates and point numbers can be stored in different layers.


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