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Leica CS25 plus

Ultra-Rugged Tablet Computer
The Leica CS25 is a versatile tablet computer combining a 7’’ screen, fully rugged and light-weight. Accomplish your data collection tasks efficiently by taking your office to the field. The new Leica CS25 plus can be seamlessly integrated into Leica Geosystems' mobile solution family.

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The Leica CS25 is available in two different variants:
  • Leica CS25 plus
  • Leica CS25 LRBT

State of the art technology
The Leica CS25 plus is equipped with state of the art technology, running a Windows® 7 Ultimate OS allows you to trade in your desktop PC for a rugged tablet, having it with you wherever your work is.

  • 17.8 cm/7 inch sunlight readable touchscreen
  • New 128 GB SSD hard drive, eliminating internal moving parts
  • Integrated GPS, 3.75G modem, WiFi
  • Ultra-rugged design, with All-day-batteries, easily hot-swappable

Improvements in the CS25 plus

  • New Dual-Core processor @ 1.6GHz
  • Built to operate in extreme temperatures
  • Doubled RAM size (4 GB) and disk space (128 GB)
  • New LAN Gigabit Ethernet
  • Improved integrated GPS antenna for better positioning
  • New SD Card expansion slot (supports SDXC) to extent the existing 128 GB SSD flash storage to additional 2 TB
  • Improved 3G Antenna performance with two integrated GSM antennas

Designed for versatility
Integrate your Leica tablet computer into the Leica family of mobile solutions. Choose the field software, GNSS accuracy and the setup (pole or backpack) to suit your workflow and budget.

  • Ready-to-use with Leica Zeno Field, Zeno Connect and Leica MobileMatriX
  • Ready-to-use with the Leica GNSS SmartAntenna – the Leica Zeno GG03
  • Use Leica Zeno Connect to embed custom applications into Leica CS25 and Leica Zeno GG03
  • Same accessories as for the Leica CS25

Leica CS25 LRBT
The fully integrated data transfer via a Long Range Bluetooth® Wireless Technology is one of the absolute highlights of the new Leica CS25 LRBT rugged tablet computer. Now it is possible to perform an object-oriented survey in one-man operation, together with e.g. Leica MobileMatriX, without the need for external separate wireless radios, over a distance of up to 350 m (1150 ft).

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