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Leica ALS80

Performance for every application
Imagine an affordable city-mapping LiDAR system with an industry-leading 1.0 MHz pulse rate, capable of meeting your specialised needs now, and that is easily upgradable to a full-capability configuration as your business grows. Imagine producing high density point clouds for corridor, urban, flood plain or general-purpose airborne mapping in a fraction of the time it took previously. Imagine being able to perform wide-area mapping from high altitudes to obtain nearly 8 km swath.
Three Models, One Result.
Highest Productivity in all Applications.

The Leica ALS80 is a single family of systems that offers this level of flexibility and productivity, without compromising on quality and accuracy. Three models, Leica ALS80-CM, Leica ALS80-HP and Leica ALS80-HA, share a common platform (high-performance laser, scanner, range counting electronics, position/attitude measurement subsystem and user interface, flight planning and execution software), to create a range of laser scanners designed to meet the varied needs of the airborne survey market.

Two Laser Scanner configurations and two System Controller configurations are combined to create the three models in the Leica ALS80 range:

    Leica ALS80-CM
is designed for city and corridor mapping applications from lower flying heights. Ultra-high-density can be achieved by flying in small aircraft or mounted in helicopter pods, taking advantage of the low-profile scanner.

Leica ALS80-HP
is designed for general purpose mapping at the flying heights most widely used, and can accommodate greater terrain relief due to its higher maximum flying height.

    Leica ALS80-HA
is a high-altitude variant, allowing the market’s highest flying heights, for wide-area mapping on a state or national level.

Need room to grow? No problem.
The unique modular design of the Leica ALS80 offers numerous benefits, including easy growth options. Did your business start with lower-altitude corridor mapping, but is expanding? Any Leica ALS80-CM can become a Leica ALS80-HP at the user’s site. Need truly high altitude performance? Leica ALS80-CM and Leica ALS80-HP can be factory-reconfigured into  Leica ALS80-HA and vice versa. Expanding your business into forestry and environmental areas? Add the optional Full Waveform Digitiser at any time, at any location.

Leica ALS80 – a total package
Leica ALS80 systems come complete with peripheral products and software that provide a seamless workflow from mission planning through point cloud generation.

Point Density Multiplier – the key to high productivity
Point Density Multiplier is a combination of optical and electronic technologies that allows a quantum increase in measurement and scan rates over that available in single-output scanners. All models in the Leica ALS80 range feature a revolutionary new system control and range measurement module. This new module significantly reduces range measurement cycle overhead, allowing pulse rates that approach the maximum theoretical limits and yielding higher pulse rates at any given altitude. In addition, this same measurement technology makes the proven MPiA feature even easier to use. Additional features of Leica ALS80 include:

  • Unlimited range returns from each outbound pulse for greater detail in forest canopy
  • 50% reduction in minimum flying height for enhanced helicopter operation
  • 20% reduction in inter-return range separation for better ground detection in low vegetation
  • 25% reduction in circuit board count for increased reliability
  • 3 user-selectable scan patterns, sinusoid, triangle and raster, for unrivaled control over point pattern
  • AutoScan: automatic adjustment of scan rate to keep more uniform along-track spacing as aircraft speed varies
  • Optional fully-integrated Full Waveform Digitiser (FWD) for waveform data collection at up to 120 kHz

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