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Leica Geosystems' Reporter Magazine
  The most interesting and varied projects undertaken across the globe, can now be viewed online with this fine selection of the latest REPORTER magazines.
Reporter 76, October 2016
Safely ahead of the game with cutting edge Technology +++ Off the boat, into the air +++ Mining integration reaches new heights in the Andes +++ Geoscents - fusing the best of both worlds +++ Keeping a vigilant eye +++ Laser scanning on the go +++ Measuring the height of Earth from space +++ Fitting together pieces of a puzzle +++ Mapping avalanches +++ Game on with laser scanning +++ Exploring the rate of climate change from deep within the Earth +++ Future-proofing with GNSS +++ Measuring for the gold + Opening the world's longest, deepest rail tunnel with precise measurement + Sweet success
Reporter 75, June 2016
Sustaining an airport's health +++ Mapping the last frontier +++ SOS Shipbuilding on scans +++ Wishing upon a laser +++ Turning data into knowledge with Jigsaw +++ Levelling the (cement) playing field +++ Ensuring smooth flow +++ Filling the need for survey speed +++ Digitising the mighty Taj Mahal +++ Overcoming from above +++ Return to the high (definition surveying) seas +++ Mobile mapping a disaster area +++ Lift off with MultiStations, robotic total stations +++ The Reality Capture of Ellis Island
Reporter 74, May 2016
Land Air Water +++ Seeing the entire picture in Detail +++ Establishing reliable positions with Speed +++ Scan till you drop +++ Capturing one of the world's longest tunnels +++ Mastering big data in mines +++ On the fast track of BIM +++ No strings attached +++ Satellites bring savings to earthworks +++ Moving a capital city Forward +++ The Real Deal pays out +++ No time for error +++ News
Reporter 73, August 2015
Revolution in Motion +++ From scan to plan into GIS +++ So much more than just the red box +++ Maximum safety for the new Copenhagen Metro Line +++ London Power Tunnels: Checking data integrity in real time +++ Leica Captivate ushers in new industry era +++ High-end laser scanning under the Elbe River +++ 3D vision of an ancient City +++ Building cities using UAV +++ Sustainably maintain and protect trees using GIS +++ At an unknown depth +++ Scanning a building in Motion +++ 3D laser scanning: Anticipating the uncontrollable
Reporter 72, May 2015
Monitoring the changes of our lifetime +++ The sailor’s journey +++ Managing ski Areas with precise GIS data +++ Renovating complex structures with 3D laser scanning +++ Taking out the guesswork +++ Advances in Brazilian water Management +++ Be Captivated: Creating the Leica Captivate Experience +++ Surveying and inspecting safely from the air +++ Protecting cornerstones of our existence +++ Easing the ravages of time +++ Efficiently Managing irrigation Networks +++ Exploring the surface below water +++ Safely renovating ship locks +++ Second to none
Reporter 71, September 2014
Connecting Continents +++ Light at the end of the tunnel +++ Surveying as art +++ An airport to sustain lives +++ Lana shines with new brilliance +++ Moving London safely forward +++ A tourist attraction below undefined boundaries +++ Adding real customer value +++ Clearing snow safely and with certainty
Reporter 70, May 2014
JFK: New light on a tragedy +++ Earthworks: Doing more with less +++ Scanning the top of Europe +++ Optimising gold production +++ Fast and accurate asset mapping on the go +++ Magic or deceptively real? +++ Building renewable energy +++ Smooth ride for the Nottingham tram extension +++ Protecting Brazil’s coastline with GIS
Reporter 69, September 2013
Monitoring Mother Nature’s Forces +++ Bringing History to Life +++ Safety on the High Seas +++ From GeoDesign to Landscape Design +++ GNSS Live Tracking for Cycling Fans +++ Preserving an African Legacy +++ Superstorm Sandy Recovery +++ Manual Work Means Top Quality +++ A New Constellation for Gold +++ Picture Contest: – when it has to be right
Reporter 68, May 2013
Laser Light on Gothic Architecture +++ Precision Control +++ Revealing Angkor Wat’s Secrets +++ Complete and Accurate Highway Asset Data +++ A Self-made Man’s Success +++ Pier A-Plus: Unique Scanning Project +++ Modeling Stairs with Ease +++ GNSS Monitoring for Safety on the Brenner +++ Harvesting Rich Eire Soil +++ Smoothness Incentives Achieved
Reporter 67, October 2012
Light Show for Titanic Belfast +++ Monitoring Pays Off +++ The Shard: London's New Skyline +++ 3D Laser Scanning Boosts BIM +++ In the Depths of the Coiba Mare +++ Sustainable Use of Land and Forests +++ Cochem Tunnel: A Tight Fit +++ Inspiring the Next Generation +++ Precisely Set-out +++ Going for Gold with LiDAR +++ @round the World
Reporter 66, May 2012
A Perfect Workflow +++ On Arctic Ice Floes +++ GNSS to Study Seabirds’ Island +++ Perfection for Agriculture +++ Controlling The Bow +++ The Underground World of Mulu +++ With Glass Millimeters Matter +++ Highest Precision and no Waste +++ Surveying for the Movies +++ Smooth Road to the Games +++ Climate – the Answers are in the Soil +++ Modeling the World's Deepest Mine +++ Heavy Loads on Weak Foundations
Reporter 65, September 2011
A New Network for a Town Torn in Two +++ Passing a Tough Test +++ Environmental Research with GNSS +++ Accurate GNSS Everywhere with SmartNet +++ A Smooth Runway in Record Time +++ Teaming up with the Sun +++ Scanning Beyond Retrofit Design +++ Flying 60 Knots Above the Colorado River +++ Monitoring Toronto’s Union Station +++ Swiss Bridge, Visible World-wide +++ Mobile Robots with Leica GPS1200 +++ GNSS for Ethiopia’s Sustainable Development +++ Leica Geosystems @ facebook
Reporter 64, June 2011
Mighty Mo's Last Journey +++ Virtual Caves +++ Corn Field Maze with GPS Accuracy +++ Winning Partnership with Leica SmartNet +++ A Tropical GNSS Network +++ Building the Canal of the 21st Century +++ Leica TS30 Measures Lifting Cranes +++ Scanning of Swiss Rock Glacier +++ Rapid Help for Flood Victims +++ Floating Masterpieces +++ Accident Investigation at Russian Power Station +++ The Red Flood +++ Precision for Space Tourists +++ Leica Geosystems Supports Mongolian Mining Research
Reporter 63, September 2010
Scanning on Washington´s Shoulder +++ Accreditation Creates Confidence +++ Speeding Up on Channel Project +++ Embracing Point Clouds +++ Russian Marvel +++ Virtual 3D Urban Design from Laser Scan Data +++ Big Ship, Tight Space +++ Utility Mapping with GNSS +++ CORS-Qatar: Updating Maps in Real-Time +++ Reacting to Climate Change +++ Modeling Istanbul: World´s Largest Scanning Project +++ Controlling Vertical Towers
Reporter 62, April 2010
Track Monitoring in Real-Time via the Web +++ Straight Up to the Sky +++ Reclaiming Efficency +++ 3D Laser Scanning Reduces Risks +++ Precision Concrete for 300 km/h Trains +++ Searching for Bombs Under Water +++ Gateway to Korea +++ Adventure Surveying on Mont Blanc
Reporter 61, September 2009
Holy Caves in 3D +++ 600 Liters of Red and a GNSS system +++ The Subterranean World of Easter Island +++ A Stadium for Leica TPS1200 +++ Iowa DOT: Investment in the Future +++ Real Time GNSS Bridge Monitoring +++ Tunneldrive Scanning with Leica HDS6000 +++ One Hundred and One Hours
Reporter 60, May 2009
57 km long and in the right Place +++ The City Walls of Dubrovnik +++ Project Savings at Deer Park +++ Arabian Canal: A Miracle in the Making +++ Laser Land Levelling +++ Refined Dimensions +++ A new Level of Precision +++ Leica TS30: Pride in Accuracy +++ NRS TruStory: First Prize goes to Latvia
Reporter 59, September 2008
In the Kingdom of White Gold +++ Mission Service +++ Leica ADS40: 700 people saved +++ The Great Ancona Landslide +++ World's Largest Trimaran +++ Recording World Heritage +++ Standardization: Strong Return on Investment +++ City-Tunnel Leipzig +++ A City on the Move +++ Documenting a Subsea Tunnel
Reporter 58, May 2008
Premier Network +++ Measuring the Cathedral +++ Precison for the Thames Barrier +++ BMW: GNSS makes Driving safer +++ Preventin the Risk on the Rhône +++ Getting to the Bottom of Reservoirs +++ Live Sailing with Leica System 1200 +++ Helping the Malaika Kids +++ Leica ScanStation 2 goes to Hollywood
Reporter 57, September 2007
World's Busiest Airport +++ Forensic Laser Scanning at Bridge Crash +++ Travel Diary Southern Africa +++ Waterschappen Trust MobileMatriX +++ Leica DISTO™ Goes Extreme +++ 28 Points for the Leica SmartPole +++ China uses Leica ADS40 +++ Geospatial Imaging saves Giant Pandas +++ AFREF Project Support
Reporter 56, April 2007
Leica Geosystems Protects Venice +++ Swedish Underground +++ In the Middle of the Rhine +++ Non-stop Paving +++ Leica Builder in the “Green Industry” +++ Rising High with GPS Network +++ Russia goes for Leica ADS40 +++ Earth Dam Monitoring with GPS Survey +++ Beyond Scanning +++ Sharp Lines on Site
Reporter 55, October 2006
Construction site inside a mountain +++ Monitoring: Reducing risk +++ Customer Care Packages +++ DISTO™: Precision for windows +++ Reducing costs with scanned point clouds +++ On the trail of dinosaurs +++ Our eyes in the sky +++ Gotthard Tunnel: World record +++ Aerial photographs for forestry
Reporter 54, February 2006
Fleet management at Dawson Mine +++ Moving the earth: Hambach brown coal open pit mine +++ Volcano watching with GPS +++ IBEREF links up Spain +++ High-precision excavation of tunnel profiles +++ No strings attached +++ Small size, big marvel: Leica DISTO™
Reporter 53, July 2005
Smart Station justifies customer confidence +++ The “Call of the Abyss” project: Leica Disto goes underground +++ Leica T-Probe: “the missing link” at Airbus +++ Total Station to map crime scene +++ Total Station in Antarctica +++ Aerial photography proves efficiency +++ Art in cyberspace
Reporter No. 52, February 2005
Volcano Ol Doinyo Lengai +++ MetroNet at London Underground +++ Saint Sophia, Istanbul - Deciphering the "Eight Wonder of the World" +++ Golf course design and machinery automation +++ The Award Winning "Walk Around CMM" +++ Sydney's biggest infrastructure project
Reporter No. 51, August 2004
Modelling an original Tyrannosaurus Rex +++ “The BigDig” mines savings from high-definition surveying +++ From Austria to Australia +++ Preventative measures against West Nile Virus +++ World's largest Diamond Mine +++ Tvilum Landinspektørfirma invests in System 1200 +++ Castle's past unveiled
Reporter No. 50, April 2004
Gotthard Base Tunnel +++ World-famous airplane model created with Leica Axyz software +++ Improving cellular coverage in Rio de Janeiro +++ Leica's Universal System 1200 +++ Laser trackers revolutionize industrial measurement procedures at Eurocopter +++ World first in precision paving at Heathrow
Reporter No. 49, December 2003.
World-record-breaking bridge +++ Italy: Leica Geosystems in the universe of mobile telephony +++ Production soars following implementation of GPS in Map revision +++ Laser scanning makes quick job of rail survey +++ WorldSkills Gold Medal +++ LandArte: Giant Art in Switzerland’s Rhine Valley
Reporter No 48 March 2003
Prague underground +++ PowerSearch sensor for Leica TPS1100 +++ Earth moving made easy +++ Statue of Liberty +++ Setting new standards in portable coordinate measurement +++ 100 years technology revolution +++ The Point-and-Click future of GIS +++ RUGBY 100LR: combining heritage and expertise
Reporter No 47 April 2002
Ordnance Survey with Leica GPS500 +++ Upgrading an oil rig with CYRAX +++ Pin-point measuring over long distances +++ Highly sophisticated GIS of North Sydney +++ Measurements along the Danube +++ The highest peak of the Americas with 6962 metres
Reporter 46 November 2000
Automated construction of runways with Leica Machine Guidance +++ ISPRS in Amsterdam +++ Big Belt and Öresund +++ Hongkong's bridges being monitored with GPS +++ Measuring out a frozen drilling well +++ Vancouver's SkyTrain gets new tracks +++ High-rises out of cylinders
Reporter No 45 July 2000
Sydney is an exciting city for surveying experts, too +++ The Matterhorn remains 4478 m high +++ The modern way to monitor reservoirs +++ Measurement and visualisation with Cyrax™ +++ Leica GPS selected for the Xian-Ankang Railway Project +++ GPS machine guidance system in open-cast lignite mining
Reporter No 44 April 2000
Lighthouse relocation +++ Modern cadastral system in Budapest +++ Bridge monitoring in Shanghai +++ Reconstruction of the interior of an aircraft +++ Berlin’s renaissance +++ Re-measurement of Kilimandjaro +++ Highest building of Saudi Arabia +++ From Geodesy to Physiology
Reporter No 43 November 1999
The new geoid of Switzerland +++ Leica TCA1103 measures a world record hammer-throw +++ A world first north of the Arctic Circle +++ Leica GS50 – GPS and GIS converge +++ GPS monitors a bridge in Japan +++ ArcSurvey embraces the ESRI GIS community
Reporter No 42 July 1999
3-D measurement in shipbuilding +++ An architectural landmark nears completion +++ Levelling the Space Shuttle’s infrastructure +++ A world first in paving +++ Desert highway in Yemen +++ Order from the Dutch Land Registry +++ Norwegian gas pipeline construction +++ Daqing oil exploration in China
Reporter No 41 April 1999
Spacecraft assembly uses the Leica LT500 laser tracker +++ News and events +++ French highway construction uses Leica Driving Positioning Systems (DPS) +++ 3000 pages of REPORTER stories +++ New K2 survey +++ Leica Geosystems on the Internet +++ Leica System 500: breakthrough to a new GPS era
Reporter No 40 November 1998
The land connection above and below the Øresund +++ Modern land and environment register in Belorussia +++ Meeting place for surveyors +++ Hydrological studies in Greece +++ A new generation of Leica Total Stations

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