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Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Facilities Management / Operations & Maintenance
Operating and maintaining existing facilities requires accurate documentation to avoid wasting time tracking down building measurements and asset information. The BIM Field Trip provides solutions to accurately capture discrete measurements or point clouds to create models of existing facilities for use in facilities management / operations and maintenance applications.
BIM 101: On Ramp
Hand-held as-built capture directly to BIM and CAD in real time.
  • DISTO laser distance meters for data collection
  • DISTO Transfer App for wirelessly transmitting measurements directly to CAD or BIM
  • DISTO Sketch App for adding real world measurements to photos

BIM 102: Intermediate
Interior as-built capture with discrete points to verify accuracy of existing drawings and models.

  • 3D Disto laser distance meter
  • Field software for capturing as-built points and data about points
  • Office software for importing and managing point data from the field

BIM 103: Advanced
Quickly capture millions of points with high-definition scanning to capture large or complex areas.

  • ScanStation P20
  • Office software for point cloud data exchange
  • Office software for high-fidelity point cloud viewing and management in Revit

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Learning Resources

Visit the Leica Geosystems BIM Learning Center for more information about taking BIM to the field in construction