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Airborne Topographic LiDAR

Efficiency and accuracy for all applications
The Leica ALS LiDAR sensors are the fastest growing LiDAR sensors on the market. They offer highest productivity and accuracy due to best-in-class performance in pulse and scan rate.
The Leica ALS LIDAR sensors are the fastest growing LIDAR sensors on the market. They offer highest productivity and accuracy due to best-in-class performance in pulse and scan rate.
Real-world efficiency is what defines your ability to execute survey projects quickly and accurately. With five system offerings, each providing outstanding flexibility, you will find the one that meets your needs and helps you to excel on the contracts you need to fulfil tomorrow and beyond. Whether your application involves providing detailed, high-point-density city models or covering vast expanses of remote terrain with big terrain relief, Leica Geosystems topographic LiDAR systems deliver best-in-class efficiency with the highest pulse rates at all flying heights.

You work in the real world with real environments and real targets. The topographic LiDAR sensor family offers options for high temperature operations up to 40 °C and flying heights to 5,000 m AGL. All systems provide sensitivity to capture even low reflectivity targets like recently paved roadways or small features like shield wires on power transmission corridors.

Select the right product for your needs:
Leica SPL100
Single photon LiDAR reaches highest efficiency over large Areas.  more
Leica ALS80
Imagine an affordable city-mapping LiDAR system with an industry-leading 1.0 MHz pulse rate, capable of meeting your specialised needs now, and that is easily upgradable to a full-capability configuration as your business grows. Imagine producing high density point clouds for corridor, urban, flood plain or general-purpose airborne mapping in a fraction of the time it took previously. Imagine being able to perform wide-area mapping from high altitudes to obtain nearly 8 km swath.  more
Leica DragonEye
The Leica DragonEye is the optimal topographic LiDAR sensor for fast and accurate data collection of low-aspect-ratio urban environments and utility mapping where high detail is required. The oblique scan pattern measures the surface from multiple vantage points and delivers data from horizontal and vertical surfaces, which makes it ideal for large scale urban mapping. In addition, the dual rotating scanner head surveys horizontal surfaces four times, providing dense and accurate data.  more