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Solutions for Agriculture
Start improving your efficiency in the field with an array of ag guidance products from Leica Geosystems. Begin to increase yields with zone-tilling practices that allow you to plant precisely on top of tillage zones and reduce compaction by creating traffic lanes in your fields. Lower the number of passes needed for field operations by using every inch of your implements. Beyond the cropping benefits, Leica Geosystems' ag guidance products help reduce driver fatigue while producing precision-straight rows. Take pride in producing top-notch work with less stress.
Building wealth from the air
The history of the Republican Agricultural Aerophotogeodetic Unitary Enterprise (BelPSHAGI) goes back to 1950, when the West Aerophotogeodetic Enterprise of the Soviet Union Office ‘Selkhozaerosyomka’ of the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR was established. At that time, the company carried out full-cycle field and aerophotogeodetic works to create planand-cartographic materials, which was indispensable for land management of collective and state farms (kolkhozs and sovkhozs) in the Republic of Belarus, the Baltic Republics, as well as Kaliningrad and Smolensk regions of Russia. more
Accurate GNSS Everywhere with SmartNet
Ten years ago, RTK surveys typically involved two GPS receivers (a base and a rover), a lot of batteries and cables, two radios, a tripod, a pole, and a backpack to carry it all. Today users can choose between a GPS or a GNSS receiver, and a radio or a mobile phone, and it all fits on the pole. With the establishment of RTK networks, they can also choose to work with an RTK rover within these networks instead of setting up their own base-station. Leica Geosystems SmartNet gives users easy access to precise Network RTK data, where they experience the best availability, reliability, and traceability using internationally recognized standards, combined with flexible and affordable subscription options that meet the needs of the local market. more
Laser Land Levelling
The economical benefits of perfectly levelled fields are enormous, especially in India. For instance, a levelled field results in substantial watersavings and an increase in yield and product quality. Rotating lasers have become essential tools for agricultural applications. They make faster work of many jobs, while eliminating costly errors for precise levelling. Once considered “nice to have,” today they are a competitive “must have” to get the job done efficiently and precisely. more
Application Control
The Leica Geosystems line of auto-section controllers are designed to work with most GPS receivers and then connect to a wide range of spray rate controllers and planting systems. With auto-section technology, efficiency is gained by removing the guesswork associated with switching sections ON or OFF. This directly contributes to more precise application of chemicals and placement of crops resulting in healthier crops and a more profitable business.  more
Precise Land Levelling in India
Declining water table and degrading soil health are the major concerns for the current growth rate and sustainability of Indian Agriculture. Thus proper emphasis is being given on the management of irrigation water usage for adequate growth of agriculture. more
Monitoring Farmland Activities with the ADS40
The Leica ADS40 Airborne Digital Sensor was used to acquire data of 90,000 square miles of agricultural land in Nebraska in the largest digital ortho project ever completed. The data is being used for farmland monitoring and management purposes by NAIP, a USDA-sponsored program. more

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